“Physicians have been crowded out of so many parts of medicine, lets at least try to take control of our own placement!”

Displayed below are our most recent medical physician listings from other physicians.

Job Spotlight

For Physicians

You have worked hard to get to where you are in medicine. Do not settle for anything less than your ideal medical practice. As physicians, we at Doctors Placing Doctors have a unique understanding of what you are looking for in a medical practice. We focus on the little things that often turn out to be the most important, so there are no surprises when you begin seeing patients as a physician.

For Hospitals and Clinics

When you are ready to add a physician to your medical staff, we understand you need to find that certain physician, the right fit. We provide you with thoroughly screened quality medical physicians and do everything we can to find you the RIGHT physician.

You Are Unique

No one size fits all. You have made many personal and financial sacrifices. You are now looking for a new practice, the next chapter in your life.

Most other recruiting firms that we know of are not physician owned or controlled. We on the other hand, are unique in that we see your placement through the eyes of a fellow physician.